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The LJ app for iDevices is currently broken for my device :(


I downloaded the android app for phone and I can read posts again... yay!!


However, it crashes when I try to load comment pages :( So no reading or posting comments.




Any recommendations for alternate apps?

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Trying to get a hungry, irritable (yay vaccination day!) but really pretty much still sleeping baby to burp == fruitless

Hopefully she won't be too uncomfortable :)

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Mar. 25th, 2013 11:50 pm
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Day worth celebrating: last day of radiation treatment :) Not one I would have asked for, mind you... but worth it nonetheless.

Re-posted from Facebook. Maybe I'll get a chance to expand on it here someday. Maybe not.

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Just had a really wonderful massage at the PCCHH. Kind of disorienting and I don't know how actually useful I'll be this evening, but I feel so much less tense that I think it's a no-brainer trade off.

And, due to various stressors in my life right now, I get to have a different / longer one next month! Blissful =)

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New Fiber?

Mar. 17th, 2010 03:06 pm
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Saw this article today and figured I might as well pass the word on. I didn't look at it very hard, but it seems that Google is looking for a city to test out new (faster) internet infrastructure and that Pittsburgh wants citizen support in vying for it. *shrug* Seemed like the sort of thing some of my friends list could be interested in.
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Based on the idea that you can use a place name as a heraldic title, I've discovered that one could be "Worms Herald" (or possibly "Wormatia Herald", based on the documentation).

Not that I, personally, would want to... but it's amusing =)
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and the topper (making it just freakin' insane ^_^) is that [livejournal.com profile] demonlurking officially proposed last night!!!!!!!

So... I now officially have a fiancee instead of a boyfriend! *GRIN*
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So, [livejournal.com profile] demonlurking and I have always been a little unclear about the actual date of it... but our anniversary is sometime around 12:10am tonight. So, at some point in the next 24hrs or so, we will have been dating for seven years. And this weekend we're going on an actual mini-vacation with a hotel and restaurants, a museum and gardens, in order to mark the occasion (at least, that's the plan).

Happy Anniversary, Love!
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Waited until Sunday to completely pack up from Pennsic this year. Got home yesterday around 5. Am still exhausted and I think I'm coming down with the Pennsic crud. Whee.

It amazes me how much the last couple of days of Pennsic can change my whole perception of how it went each year. Both of the last two years I had decent Pennsics with bad endings, and they left a bad taste in my mouth. This year sucked for a lot of Pennsic, but the last day or two was really pretty good and so my perception of how it went is better than I would have been willing to believe it would be as recently as this past Wednesday or Thursday.

Gonna see what I can find out quickly from reading back over my friends list, but if there's anything you think I should definitely know, please comment here =)
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There's going to be a new Farmer's Market opening up on the front lawn of Phipps on Wednesdays (from 2:30 - 6:30) starting in June. I'm hoping it will be a bit bigger than the one down in Oakland proper, but I haven't really been able to find any articles about it yet.
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I've not said much aloud about the idea that's been growing for the past few years that somehow vaccines have been causing problems, especially by causing autism. Personally... I found it fishy and very difficult to believe, but I hadn't done any research into why the idea was so popular. Apparently, though, other people have =)

There was a study done in 1998 that reported a correlation between the MMR vaccine and autism. And now there is an article in a general news publication in Britain explaining the various ways in which that study was not only flawed but contained flat-out faked / altered data. Which is... just awful. There's really no word for what an amazingly awful thing this is. So many parents who thought they were doing the right thing for their children... all because this man lied for money. *sigh*

With so many parents, new parents, and parents-to-be on my friends list, I really just wanted to make sure this made it out into circulation.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] leora for pointing out the article that led me to the article I've cited.

CMU pics?

Feb. 10th, 2009 04:06 pm
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So, I've realized recently that I have an absolute dearth of pictures of me from my time at CMU... one of the down-sides to avoiding cameras =) In general, this doesn't bother me much, since I have some pics of my friends, at least. However, I let my hair grow out senior year (97-98), for the first time since JrHS... and I have no idea how it looked!

Does anyone out there have any decent candid shots of me from that timeframe? Or even a yearbook picture they could scan in?

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Saw this in [livejournal.com profile] giselle0002's journal and said "aw sure... it'll be funny." But, actually... the description is fairly bang on (imho). Weird.

Apparently, that makes me a werewolf =) )

PSA: woot!

Dec. 9th, 2008 09:35 am
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So, I recently subscribed to the woot.com rss feed ([livejournal.com profile] wootdotcom). (For those who don't know, they're an online place that puts up one item per day at an amazingly low price... when it sells out, it sells out, and there's a new item tomorrow. Items are almost always of the electronics variety.)

Subscribing is actually quite silly of me, because I'm unlikely to buy anything from it, but I've been curious about just watching the site for a while and realized I could do that without needing to remember to go check, so I did. Anyway... they apparently sometimes have a special deal thingy that I was completely unaware of called a "Woot-off" in which they keep putting up new item after new item as soon as the previous one sells out. And one of those started about an hour ago.

Besides the interesting effect of causing drastic changes in my friends page every time I re-load, I thought it might be worth sharing with folks in case anyone is still looking for tech-y presents to buy for Christmas. (Does a roomba count as tech-y? 'Cause that's what's up at the moment.) Happy shopping!
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Interestingly... while Nestle semi-sweet chips aren't nut allergy safe, Hershey's are. Yay for good package labeling =)
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Took more than 2 years, but I finally have the newest version of the Traceable Art up online. Hopefully it won't take nearly as long for the next one. Especially since I'm hoping to have the artists' names on that one.
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Happy anniversary, [livejournal.com profile] demonlurking!!!!!

Six years, and you still put up with me. I don't claim to understand, but I'm smart enough to appreciate it ^_^
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So, I generally try to keep politics out of my blog. I don't need to annoy folks I otherwise enjoy talking to.

However... I am a raging liberal and I get topic/petition e-mails from MoveOn.org. This afternoon, I got an e-mail from them that presses my biggest hot-button issue _really, really_ hard. Now, I do try to check things out when I get e-mail from them, because they can be an extreme group. I checked this one out some, and I'm convinced enough to pass on the description and the petition.

There's a re-wording proposal in front of the Department of Health and Human Services that could be read in such a way as to classify birth control as a form of abortion. )

Thank you for your time. I apologize to any who were offended.
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I saw this a few places (most recently [livejournal.com profile] giselle0002's journal), but couldn't figure out what type of meme it was. Then again, part of that was 'cause I've done a lot of skimming recently.

Once I took a look at it, I actually thought it was a pretty nifty quiz. I may have answered a little more what I try to be than what I succeed at (me... punctual???). But, all in all, I thought it was nifty. And it has Alice in Wonderland illustrations =)

The 'Which Chess Piece Are You' meme )